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hours more, the SNE official said. Paraguay's president-elect Horacio Cartes, who will be sworn- in on August 15, delivered aid to the affected people last Tuesday and urged offi


at the unemployment rate dropped to 9.5 percent in June, the lowest level in almost a year. But that lower overall jobless rate merely reflected that many people gave up looking .


can lawmakers were opposed to the bill for fear that the government will only increase costs for companies running the country's critical infrastructure industries without substa.


s. Consumer spending appeared to increase despite continued consumer caution that limited nonessential purchases. Activity was largely stable or up slightly for professional and o.


faces a similar fate because of the federal/state issue. Immigrant advocates also argue that the law could violate guarantees of equal protection if selectively enforced against .

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nterparts to discuss the need for a reinvigorated global effort to support growth, jobs and financial stability," the department said in a statement. The G7 industrialized countie.

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st peace even dimmer. WASHINGTON, Nov. 22 (Xinhua) -- The Kyoto Protocol was not up for discussion for the United States in the new round of UN climate change talks in South Afri.

hua via telephone. A press release on the air base's official website said, "Base officials have terminated the response to a potential security incident that began at 11 a.m. tod.

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